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Veteran/military life, leadership, work-life balance,

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job training programs for Arkansas veterans

ARVets offers many innovative and effective job training programs for Arkansas veterans.

A recent Bureau of Labor Statistics annual review showed that the youngest unemployed veterans, aged 18-24, posted an ultra-high jobless rate of 21.4%. Despite training and job skills acquired in the military, young veterans of recent conflicts have encountered more difficulty in finding work than civilians. According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, there are over 249,274 veterans in Arkansas. In keeping with the mission of ARVets to meet the needs of these heroes, our organization offers a job readiness program that provides job training for Arkansas veterans.

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The ARVets What's Your 20? Campaign

The ARVets What’s Your 20? Campaign

This year, ARVets is launching a new awareness campaign that will increase support for Veterans programs and identify the needs of former servicemen and women. In order to improve the position and overall well-being of Arkansas Veterans, ARVets has commissioned the “What’s Your 20?” initiative.

What’s Your 20?, essentially means “What is your location?” or “Identify your position.” At ARVets, our team of dedicated advocates and experts are always positioned on the front lines of serving Arkansas Veterans and their families. Now, you can join the What’s Your 20? Team by helping with three simple goals:

(1) Increase Awareness – Help us spread the word about Veterans programs at ARVets and identify the needs of former servicemen and women.

(2) Increase ARVets Visibility – Help ensure Veterans get the services they need by meeting with Veterans in your community and making at least 20 referrals to ARVets.

(3) Increase Support – Help sustain the programs and services provided by the ARVets team of dedicated Veterans advocates and experts by making a generous financial contribution of $20.

ARVets needs your help! Tell us how you support Veterans and what you are doing to make a difference.

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Arkansas State Capitol in Little Rock.

Arkansas State Capitol in Little Rock.

On Monday, January 12, 2015, the Arkansas House and Senate convened for the 90th General Assembly. Now that the 2015 legislative session is underway, lawmakers are working to address the needs of their constituents.

The ARVets team wants to make sure issues that affect Veterans and their families are a priority for legislators.

According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, there are over 249,274 Veterans in Arkansas and about 228,634 are male and 20,640 are female. Former servicemen and women deserve our respect, thanks, and support.

ARVets will continue its efforts to encourage lawmakers to promote programs and policies that improve the lives of Veterans. Click here to learn more important facts about Veteran- related issues.
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