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Photo courtesy of: The California National Guard

Photo courtesy of: The California National Guard

The month of April is celebrated as the “Month of the Military Child,” during which we raise awareness of the challenges military children face and the support they need.

ARVets has a mission of enhancing the quality of life for military families in Arkansas, especially children who may be facing a challenging childhood as a result of a parent or sibling in the military. Long deployments, frequent moves, and Veteran parents with injuries all pose challenges for military children. ARVets recognizes the sacrifices and contributions our military families make, and we encourage others to take time during April, the “Month of the Military Child,” to both celebrate these children and assist them in coping with the added stresses that military life can bring.

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Photo courtesy of: New York National Guard

Photo courtesy of: New York National Guard

Many employers from the top industries in Arkansas value the skills and experience gained in the military and are looking to hire veterans.

ARVets is non-profit organization dedicated to helping Arkansas veterans in all aspects of life after the military, including career training and development. With a flood of new veterans now coming home from service, many will be looking for employers that will value their skills and experience. Fortunately, many of the state’s in-demand employers across several industries are providing jobs for veterans in Arkansas.

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When servicemen and women return home from deployments they often have a tough time readjusting to everyday life.

The constant urgency and need to be on high alert in a conflict zone soon gives way to the monotony of buying groceries or meeting with your child’s teachers at school. The slower pace of being back stateside, coupled with the safety and security of home life, can sometimes be liberating. However, haunting memories of the sights and sounds of war can hinder personal progress when veterans don’t have an emotional, spiritual, or even an intellectual outlet to help them refocus their energies and reset their lives.

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