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Veterans History Project

Empowering Arkansas Veterans

Veterans History Project

If we think about how future history will be written, it can only be achieved through the accounts of those who lived it. Those who experinced it, raw and first-hand.

Are you interested in sharing your story?

ARVets is a proud participant of the Veterns History Project. To learn more about the initiative to preserve the personal accounts of our Veterans for future generations or to search the archives, visit the Library of Congress’ website.

If you would like to peronally be a part of this project, fill out the Interview Questionaire below to get started on the application process. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Erin Williams or call our office at (501) 246-5341 for further information.



Thank you to Senator John Boozman’s office and Mr. Garland Gable for the video clip. If you would like to see more interviews compiled by his office, please visit his here.