5 easy ways you can support Arkansas veterans

There are over 260,000 veterans in Arkansas who need our support every day. The men and women who serve or have served and their families deserve our respect and support. Support is what ARVets is really all about. We are the only non-profit organization of our kind in Arkansas that specifically focuses on being a one-stop shop for all things veterans.

The continued growth of our programs and services is dependent upon support from the community. Programs like these:

  • Job Training and Career Development. This program prepares military personnel and their families for transition to the civilian workforce by helping translate military skills into civilian skills, coaching for job interviews, and to develop conflict resolution skills.
  • Network of Care. The scope of needs of veterans is far and wide. Our NOC provides improved access to and awareness of resources available to veterans. Our case managers reference the Network of Care database to know which resources might be available to the veteran.
  • Veteran Navigator Program. Our case management system exists to assist veterans and their families navigate through the various components of employability, housing, health and family support services.

So, you might be asking yourself, what can I do to help? We have compiled a list of 5 easy ways you can support your Arkansas veterans.

1Inform yourself. Knowledge is power, and the best way to help or be helped is to know what’s going on. Like us on Facebook to hear and be heard. Our Facebook page is regularly updated and is one of our favorite ways to engage the public.

2Inform a veteran. Tell everyone in your circle about ARVets. Direct them here to our website, as it contains important information about our programs and services and offers several easy ways to get signed up.

3Inform ARVets. Our Network of Care is a massive database containing services and resources available to veterans, and it is constantly growing. If you can tell us about a veteran discount at a clothing store or a veteran outreach program at a church or community center, go ahead and let us know. The more information we have, the better service we can provide to our vets.

4Volunteer with us. We can put you to work in our office! We depend on the assistance of volunteers helping with paperwork, awareness campaigns, and veteran outreach. Sign-up here.

5Donate to ARVets. ARVets’ programs and services are provided free of charge to Arkansas veterans and their families because of gifts from people like you. Click here to make a donation of any size.

Did you know?
All of our programs and services are free to Arkansas veterans and their family members.

Whether you are a veteran, family member, or member of the general public, let us hear from you. We appreciate any and all information and support that you can provide.

We owe so much to our veterans. Make a difference in the life of a veteran today by giving your support.

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