Join ARVets as We Honor Arkansas Veterans and Give Back to Those Who Served Our Country at the Inaugural Salute Gala

SALUTE benefit

In November ARVets will celebrate its second anniversary by hosting the inaugural Salute benefit for Arkansas veterans and their families.

The event will be held at the Arkansas Governor’s Mansion on November 15, starting at 7 p.m. The event’s Honorary Chairs are Governor Mike Beebe and First Lady Ginger Beebe. The Event Co-Chairs come from our own ranks – ARVets Board of Directors members Angela Moody and Lamar Davis. Tickets for this black tie event cost $250 and, as always, the proceeds will go a long way toward supporting Arkansas veterans.

Our Mission, Our Achievements

The Salute gala is the culmination of ARVets’ two-year effort to support Arkansas heroes and their families. Over the past two years, our organization has collected and distributed over $2 million in support for Arkansas veterans in response to more than 1,500 requests for assistance. Our mission is straightforward. As the state’s premier non-profit organization for veterans our goal is to address all the needs of veterans and their families every step of the way, through all phases of their military life cycle.

All those who reach out to ARVets for support can rely on our team of professionals, who will handle their case free of charge. Our team will help the veteran better understand the services available to them and provide access to resources and information necessary to make full use of such services. Our efforts have not gone unnoticed. ARVets enjoys plenty of support from philanthropists, foundations, and ordinary citizens.

Wide Range of Services Available to All Veterans

ARVets is a one-stop organization for veterans and their families, and as such we offer a wide range of services to all Arkansas veterans. Our case management system is designed to improve the quality of life of veterans by addressing various needs, ranging from housing and employment to health and family support. We also provide re-housing assistance to families in need.

ARVets offers job training and career development programs that provide veterans with the necessary training for long-term employment. Unlike other programs, our emphasis is each veteran individually; hence we can assess their skills and career interests, and work together on a tailor-made approach for each veteran.

It is worth noting that U.S. troops have been deployed in combat operations for more than a decade and some service members went through multiple deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan over the course of their service. The job market transformed over the years, so it is vital to provide veterans with the necessary training needed to meet new challenges and adopt new technologies. ARVets is also developing programs in Behavioral and Physical Health, as well as Community and Family.

How to Support Our Salute Benefit for Arkansas Veterans and Their Families?

We thank our current partners for their help and support. ARVets offers four sponsorship levels for the Salute benefit for Arkansas veterans and their families. These are designed for individuals and businesses who wish to support our efforts, and they range from $5,000 to $20,000 for ten guests.

However, if you cannot make it to this event, we make sure that everyone has the opportunity to support Arkansas veterans. ARVets welcomes tax-deductible donations online, but if you are unable to make a financial pledge, you can spare a bit of your time and volunteer in one of our programs. Ultimately, every effort to help counts!

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