The Month of the Military Child

ARVets is celebrating, with the rest of the country, the month of April as “The Month of the Military Child.” We will salute military children on April 13th which serves as the official “Purple Up! For Military Kids” day by wearing purple in our office. We encourage you to join in and spread the word. Let’s honor our nation’s hero’s heroes… their children. To give you a glimpse into the bond between soldier and child, read my blog this week and “Purple Up.”

The Youngest Veteran I Know

“The brave men and women who have served in the Armed Forces have earned the badge of honor to be called a veteran. What about the families; specifically, the children of those who have served and deployed for months and even years?

I have the distinct privilege to be both a child of a veteran, and a veteran with three young children.

As I reflect back to the agonizing days when my father would be away for extended periods of time; I realize how important it is to recognize the sacrifices children of service members make every day.

My oldest child was not even 2-years old when I deployed to Iraq. He did not understand why his daddy had to go away, or why he could only talk with him through the “T.V. screen” (video-teleconferencing).

How many of us can say we have made sacrifices like that for our country, knowingly or not, before we were 2-years old? I am so proud of him; he is the youngest veteran I know.

Since that deployment, God has blessed my wife and I with two more children; another boy and a beautiful baby girl.

If you have served and have children; make sure you recognize them this month. Tell them you love them. They have shared in your sacrifices more than you may realize.

Growing up in a military home can be challenging. ARVets can help. ARVets works not only to connect veterans with services and resources they have earned, but family members too.

Call them today to learn more.”

Matt Snead

Combat Veteran, Operation Iraqi Freedom

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