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ARVets’ Partnerships

ARVets’ Partnerships

Thanks to the generosity of our volunteers, donors and corporate partners, ARVets is able to provide programs and services free of charge to all Arkansas Veterans and their families. Our partners’ donations of funds or services help us to empower Veterans through education and support to improve their quality of life. We are grateful for their kind support.

For more information on partnering with ARVets through product donations, financial support or by mobilizing your employees as volunteers, please use the contact form below.

Commitment to Hire Corporate Partners


Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas – Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas is partnering with ARVets to help provide new careers to veterans who seek employment in the civilian sector.




Sgt. Grit – Sgt. Grit is partnering with ARVets to help provide new careers to Marines who seek employment in the civilian sector. We are your #1 online shop for all USMC-themed gear and apparel. Semper Fi!




Arkansas Hospice – Arkansas Hospice is a nonprofit hospice desiring to hire veterans for everything from clinical to clerical positions. There is a saying that hospice employees are not hired, they are called. If you feel this is your calling please visit our website at http://www.arkansashospice.org. Scroll down and click “Careers.”




CINTAS – Cintas provides training and mentorship to help ensure a successful transition from military service to a career at Cintas where a culture of front-line leadership helps all military service members succeed in a variety of positions.




Wal-Mart – Walmart is a veteran friendly employer. Since Walmart launched the Veterans Welcome Home Commitment in 2013, the company has hired more than 100,000 new veteran associates and more than 9,000 veteran employees have been promoted.




Windstream –Windstream Communications is committed to helping connect veterans with job opportunities in the United States. The company has open positions in a variety of fields like IT, Finance, Sales, Project Management, Call Center, Logistics and many more.



Veteran Friendly Employers

Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce

Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce – The Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce is partnering with ARVets to enhance our job readiness program to ensure Arkansas Veterans are adequately prepared to pursue job opportunities and to help educate employers in order to increase the number of viable job opportunities for Veterans.



Entergy – Entergy is partnering with ARVets to help provide services that bridge the gap between military service and employment in the civilian sector through both education and supportive services.




Disabled Veterans National Foundation – The Disabled Veterans National Foundation (DVNF) provides grant funding to ARVets in support of our Job Training and Career Development Program. DVNF and ARVets have a shared commitment to giving Veterans the resources and the know-how when attempting to secure employment.



Newport Economic Development

Newport Economic Development – Newport Economic Development contributed heavily to our annual fundraiser (Gala) and proved this event to be a success above and beyond what ARVets hoped to raise.



Nabholz Construction Services

Nabholz Construction Services – Nabholz is always striving to provide veterans with job opportunities and increased resources. Through a partnership with ARVets, Nabholz contributions have allowed ARVets to provide TFA (temporary financial assistance) to veterans in need.



Cameron Wire & Cable

Cameron Wire & Cable – This cable installation company feels that relationships with both the internal and external customer should be managed with integrity and respect. They have put many of our veterans to work.



Fleming Companies

Fleming Companies – This full-ranged electrical contractor believes in a strong commitment to excellence, and has served our veterans well.



Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health – A company that celebrates diversity, Cardinal Health has provided numerous opportunities for Arkansas veterans.



Federal Express Ground

Federal Express Ground – Sees innovation as a strategic business practice; therefore ARVets clients are utilized in a way in which they feel empowered.



Performance Food Service

Performance Food Service – Another agency that promotes diversity, PFS is in touch with ARVets case managers regularly to seek qualified and interested veterans.



Robert Half Finance & Accounting

Robert Half Finance & Accounting – A leader in professional staffing services, RHF&A has several divisions within their company that allow for almost twice the amount of opportunities as other smaller agencies.



VA for Vets

VA for Vets – A mentoring and hiring entity in one, VA for Vets assists transitioning military members into the civilian workforce.



Verizon Corp Resources

Verizon Corp Resources – A local leader in employing veterans, VCR provides ARVets with a head-start in having our veterans made aware of job postings and internships within their agency.



Waffle House

Waffle House – The level of proactive participation of ARVets local Waffle House goes without saying. WH management continues to reach out to our case managers to discuss managerial positions that are coming available within their Arkansas’ locations.



Continuing Partnerships


Acxiom – Always eager to provide their time and services to ARVets, Acxiom continues to work with our veterans on a one to one basis teaching them resume and interviewing skills, and scheduling additional visits with veterans to do a “mock” interview.




FIS – The world’s largest global provider dedicated to banking and payments technologies. However, even with this level of responsibility, FIS remains available for and accessible to Arkansas veterans by honoring their commitment in ARVets “Give to Vets” program.



Ally Financial

Ally Financial – Leading automotive financial company with long-lasting client relationships. ARVets has access to their HR team anytime an assessment of available positions is needed.



Ambassadors Plus

Ambassadors Plus – A patient-focused hospitality agency, AP has worked to streamline the practice of patient throughput. ARVets case managers are routinely notified of openings; and many of our clients have expressed in interest in this field.



Baptist Health System

Baptist Health System – Another accessible HR team, BHS reaches out to veterans who wish to serve patients as part of a healing ministry. BHS responds to Arkansas’ needs with Christian compassion.




DHS – DHS initiatives are centered on the health and safety of Arkansas residents. Through these initiatives, DHS works to improve Arkansans’ quality of life. ARVets works with DHS team members to be well-informed of positions that come available with this State agency. Many ARVets clients are interested in transitioning into a State position from the military.


RH Office Team

RH Office Team – A highly reputable staffing agency, RHOT specializes in the placement of highly skilled office administration applicants. ARVets proudly referred several veterans over to RHOT for potential placement.




Staffmark – A very well known staffing agency, Staffmark’s mission is to exceed the expectations of the gaining employer. ARVets has sent many veterans to Staffmark that have walked away with gainful employment.