Programs & Services

Case Management Approach

ARVets’ case management system works to improve the overall quality of life of Veterans and their families by addressing needs holistically. Case managers provide one-on-one assistance in navigating the various components of employability, housing, health and family support services. Services are provided through both in-house programs or through direct referrals to organizations that can assist them with meeting their needs.

Job Training & Career Development

ARVets offers a job readiness program that improves the ability of Veterans to successfully acquire and sustain gainful employment. This program provides the Veteran with training on how to meet employer workplace expectations and to communicate the value of their military experience. More Info


ARVets Homelessness program provides homelessness prevention assistance to Veteran households that would otherwise become homeless, and provides rapid re-housing assistance to Veteran households who are currently homeless. We believe that in order to maintain housing stability the Veteran and their family must be assisted not only with housing needs, but in all areas that may provide barriers to remaining permanently housed. More Info

Behavioral & Physical Health

ARVets provides Veterans and their family members with group therapy sessions, mental health first aid trainings, individual psychosocial assessments, and behavioral health support through case management services; in order to promote health and wellness. More Info

Community & Family

ARVets understands that communities play an important role in helping Veterans and their loved ones access essential services. Through partnerships with state agencies, military entities, faith-based organizations, and grassroots groups, ARVets offers clients a variety of self-help programs and family support initiatives. More Info

How is our program different?

What sets ARVets apart from other veteran job training programs is our personal approach to preparing veterans for the civilian job market through employment exploration and career coaching initiatives. By focusing on each veteran individually, we are able to assess their career interests, qualifications and transferable skills. As a result, employers are provided with quality, military-trained candidates that are prepared to speak confidently about the value they can add as a potential employee.