Job Training & Career Development

ARVets offers a job readiness program that improves the ability of Veterans to successfully acquire and sustain gainful employment. This program provides the Veteran with training on how to meet employer workplace expectations and to communicate the value of their military experience. ARVets provides veterans with:
  • Individual and group training to assist them in job preparation
  • Navigation services that lead them to employability opportunities
  • Referrals to existing programs in career development
  • Assistance in identifying and communicating transferrable military skills.

Partnerships with Businesses

Under the umbrella of the Job Training & Career Development program, ARVets is creating strong partnerships with the business sector to strengthen employment opportunities for veterans. Please follow the links below to learn about two partnership opportunities that exist for businesses and corporations.

Veterans to Law Enforcement

ARVets offers a proactive initiative aimed at providing support to Veterans that seek to transition into careers as law enforcement officers. Veterans to Law Enforcement is a partnership with the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy (ALETA) that allows Arkansas Veterans to attend the Basic Police Training Course at ALETA prior to being hired by a law enforcement agency. ARVets serves as the clearinghouse for accepting applications from Veterans who are interested in enrolling in the program. Please follow the link below to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

Delta Veterans Program

The ARVets Delta Veterans Program (DVP) is helping local economies by providing job training and career development support to hundreds of Veterans in the Arkansas Delta Region.The DVP is an important source for employment, entrepreneurship, and education assistance; at a time when the national unemployment rate for recent Veterans hovers around 10 percent. The The DVP provides support to over 150 Veterans who live in 42 Arkansas counties. To learn more about DVP services please follow the link below.