Vets to Law Enforcement Offers New Opportunities for Arkansas Veterans

Job training and career development services are a major component of the services offered by ARVets to veterans in Arkansas. As we seek opportunities for veteran employment, we look to career fields that veterans likely have previous training or knowledge in, and will thrive.

While there are many veteran job training opportunities that could be a good fit for an Arkansas Veteran, law enforcement is an option that appeals to many. Veteran careers in law enforcement are popular among veterans because the skills and training received in their military service, such as the ability to adapt to challenging tasks, and working well in teams, make them successful candidates for police jobs and other positions in law enforcement, which are stimulating and rewarding careers.

Recently, ARVets has partnered up with the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy, or ALETA. The purpose of this partnership was to develop a program that would allow Arkansas Veterans to attend the Basic Police Training Course at ALETA prior to being hired by a law enforcement agency. Participants in the program would have an open door for a career in law enforcement, and training in this program focused on assisting with ex-military employment. ARVets has dubbed the program Vets to Law Enforcement.

Vets to Law Enforcement is a program that we are very excited about. It is a proactive initiative that will support several veterans interested in law enforcement careers. Our case managers work directly with veterans; receiving applications for those who want to be a part of this coveted opportunity. Along with the application, other program requirements include a personal history statement, one page statement of interest, veteran questionnaire, and proof of Veteran status. Further documentation is required upon acceptance into the program. For more information on the program requirements, click here. ARVets’ role will be to serve as the clearing house for the applications, and to make recommendations to ALETA for those applicants who are qualified. No more than 10 Veterans per training class will be allowed, and the ALETA Director will be the final approving authority for an applicant’s acceptance into the program.

ARVets is happy to offer this service to aid in Arkansas Veteran careers through the partnership with ALETA, volunteer efforts, and funds generously given by those who donate to our troops. The Vets to Law Enforcement, and all other ARVet programs and services are funded by donations from individuals and organizations.


Daniel Hernandez 29-03-2013, 14:08

Hi I am currenty in the Army as an Infatryman I get out in September 2013. I had some questions regarding Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy, say I went to the academy and graduated.If I applied for a police officer postition will I have to go to the Academy again? I appreciate the help. Thank You for your time.

Danel Hernandez

ARVets Team 29-03-2013, 14:36

Thank you for your comment, Mr. Hernandez. Someone from the ARVets office will be in touch with you soon.

Josh Chapman 24-04-2013, 19:15

i have a couple questions about this program. i am not able to open the link to email you guys, so is there a way someone can email me so i can ask questions like how i apply for this program?

ARVets Team 25-04-2013, 08:58

Thank you for your comment. Someone from the ARVets office will be in touch with you soon.

Robert Andexler 23-06-2014, 15:27

In am a Vet that attended a Police Academy in Missouri and would like my certification transfered to Arkansas

ARVets Team 09-07-2014, 15:47

Thank you for your comment. Someone from the ARVets office will be in touch with you soon.


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